How much does the camp cost?
 What do I need to participate in the camp?
 When are the camps?
 I am a high school student, how can I sign up?
 I am a high school football coach, how do I sign up my team?
 What is the age requirement for the camp?
 How do I get a camp in my area?
 How do I host a camp?
 How do I get a planner?
 How do I get an instructional DVD?
 How do I register for the NFL 7-on-7 Tournament?
 Who is the regional director for my area?
 Can you help support my local youth football program?
 How can I coach at a HSPD camp?
 How can I volunteer at a HSPD camp?
 Do coaches get paid for working an HSPD camp?
 I worked an HSPD camp, why haven’t I been paid?

Hspd alumni

  • Cameron Newton

    HSPD Site Name: Atlanta

    Current Team: Carolina Panthers

    Position: QB

    College: Auburn

  • Vernon Davis

    HSPD Site Name: Dunbar

    Current Team: SF 49ers

    Position: TE

    College: Univ. of Maryland

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