Tournament Rules


12 players and 2 coaches per team

Field Dimensions

50 yards long x 53.5 yards wide


  • Initial possession determined by coin toss
  • Ball Starts on 40yd line
  • Coaches must stay on sideline during the game-they cannot go onto the field
  • Offense
    • 4 downs to make a first down (20 yd line), then 4 downs to score
    • One back in backfield(inside the tackle box)
    • NO running plays (including QB)
    • QB has 4 seconds to release the ball
    • Sacks equal loss of down, restart ball on original line of scrimmage (LOS)
    • 5 receivers are eligible
    • 25 second to put ball in play (play clock)
  • If team exceeds 25 seconds, loss of down and game clock stops and will restart when ball is snapped
    • No blocking is permitted
  • Scoring
    • Touchdowns are worth 7 points-there is no extra point
    • Interceptions count for 3 points
  • Defense
    • Safety Must Be at least 10-12 yds deep (unless ball is inside 10 yd line) in the middle of the field
    • Corners Must Be 5-7 yds from LOS when ball is snapped (never more than 7 yds)
    • LB’s Must Be 5 yds from LOS before the ball is snapped
      • Exception: If distance to obtain 1st down is less than 5 yds, LB’s and DB’s can press LOS
    • No bumping is permitted


OFFENSE - Loss of Down
SITUATIONS - Pass Interference, Blocking, Offside-Motion

DEFENSE - 5 yards, repeat down
SITUATION - Off-sides, Illegal contact-holding, Pass interference, Incorrect alignment

DEFENSE - 5 yards, repeat down
SITUATION - Off-sides, Illegal contact (holding), Pass interference

* ABSOLUTELY NO taunting, excessive celebration or foul language will be tolerated by players or coaches. Failure to comply will result in loss of possession and player will be removed from the game. 2nd infraction will result in an ejection from the tournament.


1st Overtime

  • Start ball on 20 yd line, 4 downs to score
  • PAT attempt from 5 yd line - 1 point (overtime only)
  • Each team has chance to score

2nd Overtime

  • Start ball on 20 yd line, 2 downs to score
  • PAT attempt from 5 yd line - 1 pt (overtime only)

3rd Overtime

  • Start ball on 20 yd line, 2 downs to score
  • PAT attempt from 10 yd line - 1 pt

Format of Tournament

  • Two 10 minute halves (last 2 minutes REAL TIME) and one 3-minute halftime
  • Each Team has one 30-second timeout per half

Proper Attire

  • Gym Shorts
  • NFL Provided mouth guard
  • NFL Provided jersey
  • No Jewelry, hats or do-rags

Hspd alumni

  • Cameron Newton

    HSPD Site Name: Atlanta

    Current Team: Carolina Panthers

    Position: QB

    College: Auburn

  • Vernon Davis

    HSPD Site Name: Dunbar

    Current Team: SF 49ers

    Position: TE

    College: Univ. of Maryland

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